News: No Negative Ads Pledge

Here are Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Women's Conference a couple weeks ago. The host of the "Today" show, Matt Lauer, asked both gubernatorial candidates if they were willing to get rid of their negative ads and make positive ones instead. Brown said yes but Meg Whitman said no and gets booed by the women in the audience.

News: Proposition 25

Prop 25 prevents a suspension in CA’s budget. It means that legislators will not get paid if the budget is not passed on time. A budget will be passed with the vote of a small majority rather than two-thirds like it was before. However, a two-thirds vote is required to increase taxes.

News: Spanish-Language Ads Attack Meg Whitman

A translation via msnbc.comMeg Whitman says she's a different kind of Republican...But Pete Wilson is in charge of her campaign.Whitman attacks undocumented workers to win votes, but an undocumented woman worked in her home for nine years.She says she'll create jobs---but wants to eliminate forty-thousand state job, including teachers and nurses.Whitman says one thing in Spanish---and something different in English.The real Meg Whitman has no shame. She's a two-faced woman. Resource:http://ww...

News: Proposition 23 Valero and Tesoro Oil Companies

Valero and Tesoro are known as the biggest oil companies in California. They have spent large amounts of money on the Proposition 23 campaign, Valero with $4,050,000 and Tesoro with $1,525,000, in hopes of passing the Proposition, which would suspend the Assemmbly Bill 32, the Global Warming Act of 2006, until unemployment drops to 5.5% for 4 consequtive quarters. Valero's stand is that the California's Global Warming Act will only cause more lost jobs for California and therefore should not ...

News: The Importance of Xavier Becerra

Born in Sacramento, CA on January 1, 1958 and raised by two Mexican immigrant parents, Xavier Becerra was the only Hispanic on the House Ways and Means Committee. He was elected vice chair of the Democratic Caucus for 111th Congress and was a reprensentative from California's 31st district. From 1987-90, he was the California Deputy Attorney General. Xavier Becerra was part of the California State Assembly (1990-92) and has been a member of the U.S. State House since 1993.Xavier Becerra is a ...

News: why people should vote no on Proposition 23

Proposition 23 is the act where they would suspend AB 32, the global warming act of 2006. If proposition 23 is enacted by voter this would pause the porvision of AB 32 until California's unemployment rate drops to a 5.5%. The unemployment rate at this current point is as high as a 12% and has been like that for the exception of 3 times since 1980. supporters call it California Job Anitiative and opponents call it the Dirty Energy Proposition.In this article it states the reason proposition 23...

News: Maxine Waters Article with Video

This is an article about Maxine Waters and how she has tried to defend herself against accusations that she helped bailout OneUnited Bank because her husband had stock there. The article also has a link to video of the news conference she held at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

News: Brown, Whitman duel with new ads aimed at independents

From The LATimes: "Brown, the Democratic nominee, touted talking points — living within California's means, no new taxes without voter approval, returning control to the local level — that could come from a Republican playbook. Whitman, his GOP rival, unveiled her seventh attack ad against Brown, this time enlisting the words of former President Clinton during their contentious 1992 Democratic presidential primary battle. Tellingly, both candidates avoided mention of their political party.

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