News: Debate on Proposition 23 with Dorothy Rothrock and Terry Tamminen

Debate on Proposition 23 with Dorothy Rothrock and Terry Tamminen

Check out the full length Debate on Proposition 23, on October 21st at the UCLA campus. We have Dorothy Rothrock in favor for Proposition 23 and Terry Tamminen who stands against it. Both argue with great view points but the questions to keep in mind are as following:

1. Is it to expensive to fight against Green house gases?

2. Will our economy grow?

3. Will the unemployment change for better or worse?

4. Is this an issue that will affect the Nation, or just California? 

Dorothy Rothrock argues other countries are doing great with keeping their jobs. Using Oregon as an example who is in the lead with the cleanest environment without the AB32 law, she comes to the conclusion that California doesn't need the AB32 law to move forward and keeping the jobs we now have.

Terry Tamminen rebuttals against her and explains how we can't afford to let things get out of control while we watch other countries do their job. California has always been a leader. We can't wait for change or others to tell us what we're doing wrong.

What we need is a safe environment for ourselves as adults and children around us. The problem then is the economy, what action will bring us to a better outcome?

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