Forum Thread: "No on Proposition 23"

After analyzing the varied menu of Propositions on the California ballot this November, students agreed that one stood out in their minds: Proposition 23, which seeks to suspend implementation of Assembly Bill 32, a law passed in 2006 that imposes fines on major polluters in our state.  Needless to say, the backing and financing for Proposition 23 comes almost exclusively from corporations that pollute our land, water, and air to an extreme degree, and the campaign they have launched posits a trade-off between environmental progress and job-creation, a dubious assertion at best.

The class has endorsed and will be joining the NO on 23 Campaign.  

Stay tuned for updates.

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4 Responses

Attending this debate on Proposition 23 at the UCLA campus, I have made a conclusion that NO on Proposition 23 has a much better stand than YES on the Proposition. Terry Tamminen, who was against the Proposition set a clear view point about the danger we all face with the dirty fuels.

As to what Selene said the money that the Oil companies gave to Prop 26 is 7 times the amount given to Prop 23.

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