News: Brown Whitman Debate on the Dream Act

Brown Whitman Debate on the Dream Act

On 2 October 2010 Univision held the first Spanish-English debate in the state, which was hosted by CSU Fresno.

One of the issues discussed was the Dream Act. An undocumented student from Fresno State University with honors and a double major asked both candidates their position on the Dream Act.

Brown responded that he supports the Dream Act. He states "Ms. Whitman goes beyond opposing the Dream Act. She wants to kick you out of the school because you are not documented, and that is wrong – morally and humanly."

Whitman started off by complimenting the illegal student for what she had accomplished. The Whitman talked about the lack of money for schools and available spaces at the universities. She says it was not fair to the people here legally that she gets a chance to be in school and they do not. As a result, those available spaces for classes should be given to citizen students and not illegal aliens.

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