News: Brown Going After Sky-High Salaries Across CA

Brown Going After Sky-High Salaries Across CA

From LAist:

State Attorney General Jerry Brown today announced sweeping efforts to curtail highly paid local officials around California. In a series of announcements, the gubernatorial candidate said he was taking filing lawsuits against eight city of Bell officials while serving a subpoena to neighboring city of Vernon where one employee apparently made $1.64 million a year (another highly paid one was recently let go). Meanwhile, Brown, who apparently earns a considerable pension himself, is also looking into sky-high salaries and pensions across the state, from hospital to county administrators. Brown will formally announce his plans at 10 a.m., but the news was given early to the LA Times, which broke the Bell salary scandal story in July.

What do you think of Bell's salary scandal? 

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I believe that, in addition to those of officials, compensation and related pay packages of private sector individuals should also be taxed heavily. Maybe it's just me, but when i hear that Wall Street officials and corporate heads are getting multi, multi-million dollar salaries and stock options and the like, it kind o makes me sick. Obviously skilled people should be rewarded for their expertise, but perhaps there's also a way to lower the gap between the lowest and highest paid californians.

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