News: The Importance of Xavier Becerra

The Importance of Xavier Becerra

Born in Sacramento, CA on January 1, 1958 and raised by two Mexican immigrant parents, Xavier Becerra was the only Hispanic on the House Ways and Means Committee.  He was elected vice chair of the Democratic Caucus for 111th Congress and was a reprensentative from California's 31st district.  From 1987-90, he was the California Deputy Attorney General.  Xavier Becerra was part of the California State Assembly (1990-92) and has been a member of the U.S. State House since 1993.

Xavier Becerra is a supporter of free trade, but voted against several free trade agreements.  He voted against the Central American Free Trade Agreement in 2005 because it lacked enviromental standards and labor.  " If I were to write a trade deal, I'd try to incentivice my trading partner to reach me, not reach a deal that says I need to go down to where you are," Becerra said.  Xavier Becerra has also supported benefits for legal and illegal immigrants.  In 1993, Xavier Becerra got into a shouting match with House Ways nad Means Rep. Dan Rostenkowski because he didn't want welfare benefits for legal immigrants. He also opposed to California's Prop 187 because it was made to deny non- emergency health care and public education services to illegal immigrants.

Top Five Contributors For His Campaign

  1. Oaktree Capitol Management- $21, 400
  2. National Amusement inc.- $19, 950
  3. Broadcasting Media Partners- $16, 100
  4. Fresenius Medical Care- $14, 600
  5. LHC Group- $14, 400

If you want to learn more or join his campaign, call or visit his district office.

1910 W Sunset Boulevard Suite 810

Los Angeles, Ca 900026


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