News: why people should vote no on Proposition 23

why people should vote no on Proposition 23

Proposition 23 is the act where they would suspend AB 32, the global warming act of 2006. If proposition 23 is enacted by voter this would pause the porvision of AB 32 until California's unemployment rate drops to a 5.5%. The unemployment rate at this current point is as high as a 12% and has been like that for the exception of 3 times since 1980.

supporters call it California Job Anitiative and opponents call it the Dirty Energy Proposition.

In this article it states the reason proposition 23 should be voted against. The first reason  mentioned how people are alot more bother by the idea that propositon 23 is funding 97% from oil companies and 89% out of state. Just how proposition 23 is offering the idea of alot more jobs is also letting us know how all the jobs will eventually be destroyed by the cause of the global warming law. what possition will we be left in then?

Valero and Tesoro oil companies have spend over millions of dollars to vote yes on proposition 23. On the other hand half of what has been spend on yes for the proposition can be a dilema causing the suspence of the 2006 law intended to reduce greenshouse gas emissions.

On the chart below is the evidence of the amount spent.

why people should vote no on Proposition 23

As in for August 18 the article mentions the difference between the amount of jobs offered by yes to prop.23 and no to prop.23.

Jobs offered

yes to prop.23: lists 58 businesses

no to prop. 23: lists over 292 businesses and business organizations, which include 182 energy businesses.

Group leaders listed by both sides of proposition 23

yes to prop. 23: No individual  group business leaders

no to prop. 23: 474 group business leaders inclusinf the American Lung Association (has evidence of the amount of patients affected by the enviroment each year)

Debates have been going on, but the main concern goes back to the amount of money spent by both oil companies Valero and Tesoro.Will they be powerful enought to suspend the law to the greenhouse law emissions.

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