News: Brown, Whitman duel with new ads aimed at independents

Brown, Whitman duel with new ads aimed at independents

From The LATimes:

"Brown, the Democratic nominee, touted talking points — living within California's means, no new taxes without voter approval, returning control to the local level — that could come from a Republican playbook. Whitman, his GOP rival, unveiled her seventh attack ad against Brown, this time enlisting the words of former President Clinton during their contentious 1992 Democratic presidential primary battle. Tellingly, both candidates avoided mention of their political party.

Californians not affiliated with a political party make up one-fifth of the state's voters, and they are unpredictable, said Allan Hoffenblum, a former Republican strategist and publisher of the nonpartisan California Target Book"

Whose approach do you think is stronger?  Can you identify possible flaws, weaknesses, or strengths in either side? 

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