News: Proposition 25

Proposition 25

Prop 25 prevents a suspension in CA's budget. It means that legislators will not get paid if the budget is not passed on time. A budget will be passed with the vote of a small majority rather than two-thirds like it was before. However, a two-thirds vote is required to increase taxes.
Schools support this because this prop will destroy budget cuts. Some of the main supporters are:
California School Employees Association
Associated Students of The University of California, Berkeley
American Federation of Teachers Guild, Local 1931
Coalition for a Strong UC
The main website for supporters of Prop 25 is:
Here is the flyer in English:
Here is the flyer in Spanish:
According to the Los Angeles Times/USC polls:
YES 58%
NO 28%
13% Undecided
Most people support the proposition but some are skeptical as to how Prop 25 would affect them.
People who oppose 25 say that the proposition has hidden taxes that people will have to pay. Others say that legislators will pass a bad budget just to get paid but that does not guarantee the budget will be beneficial. Those who oppose Prop 25, support 26.
The main website that opposes Prop 25

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