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Forum Thread: "No on Proposition 23"

After analyzing the varied menu of Propositions on the California ballot this November, students agreed that one stood out in their minds: Proposition 23, which seeks to suspend implementation of Assembly Bill 32, a law passed in 2006 that imposes fines on major polluters in our state.  Needless to say, the backing and financing for Proposition 23 comes almost exclusively from corporations that pollute our land, water, and air to an extreme degree, and the campaign they have launched posits a...

Forum Thread: Proposition 21 - Yes or No?

What is Proposition 21?             Proposition 21 establishes an $18 annual vehicle license tax to help fund State Parks and Wildlife programs. Once the tax fee is paid, it allows vehicles free admission to all state parks. Commercial vehicles, trailers, and trailer coaches are excluded from the tax. The fee would increase the money given to the parks up to $500 million, which is about $250 million more than the current amount given to the parks and programs.

Forum Thread: Whitman & Brown's Final Debate

On "Whitman and Brown's Final Debate A Contentious One" by Cathleen Decker from Los Angeles Times, she talks about how both rivals continue attacking each other.  They are too busy making each other look bad in front of the public, instead of offering details on how to fix the troubled state (CA).  In the final debate, Brown apologized to Whitman for the negative ads; Whitman didn't necessarily accept his apology.  With only three days left for Election day, I have a feeling that the negative...

Forum Thread: Meg Whitman's and Jerry Brown's Negative Ad Discussion

On October 26, 2010, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the two candidates had a discussion at the Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference.  The discussion was about California’s future and no one would be disrespected.  Matt Lauer, the co- anchor of NBC- TV asked the candidates if they would both be willing to make a pledge that would replace the negative ads with positive ads.  Since Whitman was against the pledge, Brown said, “ First of all, you have to remember sometimes negativity is in the eye o...

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