Forum Thread: November 2010 Ballot Initiatives (Propositions)

Use this thread to discuss news, ask questions, and post comments about the following Propositions:

Proposition 18    Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010.

Proposition 19    Changes California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to be Regulated and Taxed.

Proposition 20    Redistricting of Congressional Districts.

Proposition 21    Establishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs and Grants Free Admission to All State Parks to Surcharged Vehicles.

Proposition 22    Prohibits the State from Taking Funds Used for Transportation or Local Government Projects and Services.

Proposition 23    Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions that Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year.

Proposition 24    Repeals Recent Legislation that Would Allow Businesses to Carry Back Losses, Share Tax Credits, and Use a Sales-Based Income Calculation to Lower Taxable Income.

Proposition 25    Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes.

Proposition 26    Increases Legislative Vote Requirement to Two-Thirds for State Levies and Charges. Imposes Additional Requirement for Voters to Approve Local Levies and Charges with Limited Exceptions.

Proposition 27    Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting with Elected Representatives.

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Proposition 23 biggest campaign contributers are:

Valero with $4,050,000 and Tesoro Companies with $1,525,000

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